About Me

About Me

Hi! My name is Holly and I began “House Calls With Holly” with one thing in mind: Helping others through the inspiration and hope from Holy Spirit.  My life has been met with too many challenges to count. Heartache and hardship became an almost constant guarantee from day to day.  If not for God quite literally holding me up day after day, giving me the strength and courage to just keep going…I would not be here to write these words.  Giving up is something I terribly wanted to do, but… I. just. couldn’t.  So here I am, writing this to you.

God always turns what the enemy meant for harm into our good (in His own timing) so my life has become dedicated to helping others see through their pain, feel heard, cared about. I’m sort of drawn to the “underdogs,” to be honest; those that society deems unfit or unworthy, those that are just a wee bit different and think outside of the box, unafraid to dream the dream within them. Sometimes all we need is to have a genuine listening ear, someone who understands, to work through our challenges and ideas with.

I am a daughter of God first and foremost and a wife to the most thoughtful, kind, amazing husband, Bill. My heart is to hear Holy Spirit guiding and leading me into the direction and call that He has laid out for me to follow.  I believe that each of us have a God-ordained destiny.  A unique blueprint that only we can fulfill.  That’s why I’ve created this site – to fulfill mine and to hopefully help encourage you to do the same.

Thank you for coming by.  I pray you will be blessed, stay in touch and keep coming back to visit.

All My Love,



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you for your introduction Holly, which I enjoyed reading. It’s so good to know that God can turn our pain into a pulpit to help someone else.
    When God used you a few weeks back to encourage and speak a prophetic word into my life, you probably didn’t realise that God was using you to speak to an underdog.
    May He continue to use you for his glory. 😇

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