Everything To God In Prayer

Everything To God In Prayer

“Everything To God In Prayer”

© Holly G.


Pressures build and fears release,

The feeling of hopelessness seems to increase.


We try so hard to make it through,

Each day the burden gets heavier on you.

But God is there waiting to bless,

Wanting to give you the ultimate success.

To heal you, strengthen you, and lift you up,

He only asks that we never give up.

Peace unspeakable and joy so divine,

He promised this for your life and mine.

Cast all your cares upon Him,

And never let that light within you go dim.

Don’t let that Devil steal your life,

Leaving you with nothing but heartache and strife.

God sent His Son for you and I,

So let’s let our worries die.

Take everything to God in prayer,

And leave it there for Him to bear.


This poem I wrote well over 10 years ago still holds true today.  I share it now with the hopes it will bless you today and bring encouragement to your heart.

Worry is toxic.  It will rob you of your joy, your peace and your well-being.  Our worry leads to the spirits of fear, anger, and discontentment with our lives.

Breaking our spiritual agreements with worry, fear, anxiety, depression and those toxic thoughts that plague our minds day in and day out, bring freedom to our hearts to simply trust in the goodness and faithfulness of our God.

My friend, our Father is faithful.  He is coming through for you – to heal you, deliver you and set your feet upon a solid foundation.  He is everything you need.  Run to Him and be comforted in all you face.

Please do not duplicate this poem unless you accredit it back to me.  Thank you so much! 


Many blessings to you and yours.

With Love,


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3 thoughts on “Everything To God In Prayer

  1. Dear Holly,
    I loved this poem and your supporting message.
    I thank you for your heart of love and encouragement. During a review of my devotional journal, I recently read a word of specific encouragement you had sent to me last year, I pray God continues to use you to speak a rhema word to those to whom he directs you. Wishing you a wonderful, God-glorifying year in 2020.
    BTW, I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger’s award.

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