How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs

How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs

how to overcome limiting beliefs

In this life, everything we perceive, feel, see and do is based on what we believe.  Our beliefs are much more deeply rooted than we comprehend at first blush.  There was a powerful article from the National Institute of Health concerning our beliefs, when they are formed and how it affects our behavior and our thought process. The researcher states, “Beliefs originate from what we hear – and keep on hearing from others, ever since we were children (and even before that!). The sources of beliefs include environment, events, knowledge, past experiences, visualization etc. One of the biggest misconceptions people often harbor is that belief is a static, intellectual concept. Nothing can be farther from truth! Beliefs are a choice. We have the power to choose our beliefs. Our beliefs become our reality.” The Good News?  God’s Word is an endless supply of wisdom on how to overcome limiting beliefs.

What Are Limiting Beliefs?

These thoughts are toxic. Fear, worry and anxiety producers, based on lies – often ones that have been passed down through generations.  These notions keep us stuck in life and relationships, unable to really experience the breakthrough that the Lord intends for us.  They keep us insecure, unsure, drowning in an identity crisis.

Typically these beliefs are triggered by a specific reaction to the corresponding stimulus.

Here are some key areas where we might see these limiting belief systems manifest:

  1. Finances.  “I’ll always be in debt.  I grew up in lack and that’s just how it is in this world.”  “I’m not educated enough to have success.”
  2. Relationships.  “All men (or women) are the same – they’ll always hurt/abuse you.”  “No one can be trusted.”  “I’ll always be alone.”
  3. Health. “Well, I have cancer in my family so I’ll probably get it.”  “I’ll never be healthy again.”  “I’m just old.” “I’ll probably die young.”
  4. Mental health.  “Depression and anxiety run in my family.  I just have to live with it.”  “Happiness just isn’t for me.”
  5. Careers. “No wonder I was passed up for that promotion – I’m just not good enough.”
  6. God.  “My prayer wasn’t answered – God doesn’t love me.  He’s mad at me and disappointed.  I’ll just not pray anymore.”
  7. Identity.  “I can’t (fill in the blank).”  “I’m not (fill in the blank).”  I won’t (fill in the blank).”  “I don’t look like (fill in the blank).”  “I don’t have (fill in the blank).”  “I’ll never measure up.”  “I’ve never been good enough.”  “No one loves me.”  “I don’t matter.”

I want to really emphasize identity because everything else flows out of who you believe you are, and what you believe you deserve based on that understanding.

These are only but a few very simple examples.  What tape plays in your mind?  What thoughts is the enemy bombarding you with?  Are you able to recognize a limiting belief when it presents itself to you?  Ask Holy Spirit to highlight each area of your life that needs His healing touch.  

Where Do These Beliefs Come From? 

As the article linked to above mentions, most of what we believe is formed in early childhood.  It’s how a child can grow up in a war ravaged area and understand nothing but war.  A child knowing while blindfolded how to assemble a weapon of war seems entirely foreign to so many of us but it is the reality for a multitude of children.

Parents, whether right or wrong, pass along their beliefs, burdens and prejudices to us.  Their pains, misjudgments and upbringing shaped their minds.

That’s important to remember, because it can help aid in our forgiveness of them if what we were taught simply isn’t healthy.  People who know better, tend to do better.  I believe that’s why the Bible says in Proverbs 4:7:

Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.

What is the reality you were taught?  Does it honor God, or is it bringing destruction into your life?

Soul Wounds

What are soul wounds?  They are parts of our inner beings with trauma, hurt, rejection, abandonment or any deep emotional wound that has not been touched and healed by God.

Do you have a pattern in your life that simply doesn’t want to break no matter how much you pray, fast or quote Scripture?  Do certain events in your life cause you extreme distress – heart pounding, palms sweating, heart breaking fear?  Is anger an emotion that pops up over and over again for you?  Does anxiety plague you, no matter how hard you try and resist it?  Is heaviness/depression an almost constant companion for you?

These are soul wounds.  Soul wounds create those limiting beliefs.  In 1 Peter 5:8, the Bible says that Satan roams around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.  How does he do this?  Our enemy looks for any opening he can find to attack our hearts, our minds and our bodies.  The openings he finds are usually through these old soul wounds.  All he has to do is create a situation that causes you to react out of your wounding.  You may not want to respond in this manner but for some reason, it happens every time.

Then what?  Do you feel shame?  Do you wish you had responded differently and wonder, “what’s wrong with me?”  More often than not, this leads you to attack your own self which causes that old limiting belief tape you play to be even louder.  It’s a vicious cycle that the enemy can keep you on.  A hamster wheel of defeat, falling deeper and deeper into his trap of despair each time.

Friends, you don’t have to live this way.  While attempting to write this post, I have been under severe attack of the enemy.  My mind became so blocked that I was unable to write for at least a week or so now.  I believe there is a reason.  God wants to see you set free from all of this torment, pain and confusion.  It’s time!  Christ paid for your freedom over 2000 years ago on the cross.  It’s already yours! 


The Chastisement Of Our Peace Was Upon Him

I want you to really understand what this part of Isaiah 53:5 means!  The chastisement of our peace is our mental health, our soul.  We as believers are meant to live in the peace of God that surpasses all understanding.  When we are not living in this truth and inheritance, there is some area of our hearts that the enemy has access to as a result of a soul wound and limiting belief about ourselves.

We have a blood bought right of Christ to live in freedom from fear, lack of peace, lack of joy and any other mental stronghold the enemy would try to limit and torment us with.  He has NO right to torment you!

Claim Your Freedom Now

My brothers and sisters in Christ, you are loved.  I am standing in the gap, believing that today is your day to be free from all that has hurt you, bound you and made you feel less than.  Hurt is not your portion.  Fear is a lie.  Depression and despair don’t belong to you.  Trauma is not your own.  Christ took it all so that you could go free.

How do you do this?  I would love for you to watch these 2 videos below.  Get into a quiet space, take some time to just listen and absorb these prayers.  I believe with you that Holy Spirit is going to come in and minister healing to each and every broken part of you and you will never be the same.

There is no such thing as too hard for God.  No pain is too great.  No abuse was too much.  God is greater than your worst pain.  Listen to these videos (very important) and allow Holy Spirit to come in and make you whole.  Amen!  Be blessed!






It would do my heart so much good to hear from you about how Holy Spirit has touched you and changed your life.  


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11 thoughts on “How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs

  1. Amen, Holly!! I’m now considering what my own soul wounds and limiting beliefs might be. Satan seems to torment with the fear of dying young whenever I feel like I’m growing spiritually. I try to rebuke that fear and “be still and know that He is God,” remembering that “worry will not add a day to one’s life.” Also, this limiting belief isn’t exactly like the ones you listed, but the Holy Spirit has been convicting me over the last year that the belief that conservatism/patriotism is a huge part of my identity limits me, and I shouldn’t let a limiting political standpoint cloud my vision. I should contrast everything against scripture, point blank!

    1. Hi Lily, wonderful to hear from you again!

      It’s interesting because where there is fear, there is a soul wound. That’s why Scripture says, “Perfect love (of God) casts out all fear.” Once we deal with the wound that gives Satan access to our soul, our Lord comes in and seals the wound with the blood of Jesus and causes the fear to be forever gone. (Unless there is another wound that needs to be dealt with in a similar manner)

      Perhaps a wound was created for you by a doctor or medical article saying you should expect *this* with this disease?

      Whatever lie was spoken over you, you can renounce all belief in or association with that lie of the enemy. Lets just use an example, “I renounce the spirit of premature death and the lie associated with it. Forgive me Lord for believing the lie of the enemy that he is more in control than You are. I break all agreement with this lie in the name of Jesus!” Then you invite Jesus in to your lie (the point where this was spoken over you) and ask Him to remove it for you. Command the spirit of (premature death) to be cast into the pit in Jesus name. Then ask the Lord to seal that wound with the blood of Jesus.

      It’s really powerful – inner healing. The more I’m understanding this in my own life, the more I want to see others set free from the lies and torment of Satan. Does what I wrote above make sense? If not, I can try and clarify it a bit more. 🙂

      And wow – I love what you said about conservatism/patriotism and how this too can be a limiting belief. You are absolutely right and I hadn’t even considered this! If we staunchly hold on to anything other than God’s Word, it can become a stumbling block for our growth in Christ. Excellent thought, Lily! There’s so much vitriol being spewed over this very issue.

      Hope to hear from you again soon & pray that you are well today!

  2. Hi Holly, I didn’t have to think very long before I thought what my limiting belief is. It’s something that plays in my head whenever something goes wrong and tricks me into thinking that I will never win. I’m so glad that Jesus debunked that myth 2000 years ago on the Cross.
    Blessings to you and thank you for visiting today. I was blessed by your words.
    Marva | SunSparkleShine

    1. Hi Marva,

      AMEN!! I love what you said. Jesus most assuredly did kill that lie over 2000 years ago. You’re already victorious.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and leave your comment. I’m blessed to have you here and hear from you! You’re very special, Marva.

      I pray your Christmas is filled with love, joy and plenty of rest!

  3. Thank you Holly for this precious post and your heart to see the people of God set free and enjoy their liberty in Christ.

    I have heard about soul wounds and inner healing and recognise some of the symptoms you mention as being present in my own life. It is no wonder you are/were experiencing spiritual attack. No way does the Enemy want you to expose him and block his access.

    May the precious blood of Jesus seal you and your loved ones within a cover of divine protection, which the Enemy cannot penetrate. Amen!

    1. You are so precious!

      My heart smiles when I read your words. Thank you for your support and encouragement. What a blessing you are, friend.

      1. Dear Holly, it is a pleasure! God used you to speak into my life and encourage me at a time when I was desperate for his assurance and you have been a tremendous blessing to me.

      2. Wow. You are nearly bringing tears to my eyes, sis. I am so grateful for you and am blessed to have had the great blessing of speaking into your life with the hope and encouragement of Holy Spirit. All my love to you!

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