“Weathering The Storm…”

“Weathering The Storm…”

Life: What great joy and great sadness it can bring.  It often doesn’t feel fair and more often than not can seem impossibly confusing! As we lie awake at night, minds spinning a million miles per hour, wondering, worrying, planning – is everything going to be OK? Maybe for you it’s health, or job loss/search, relationship struggles, loss of a beloved pet, feeling alone and misunderstood or even life-long challenge in certain areas.

What I do know is this – Every single one of us needs someone. Everyone needs a friend, a mentor, a confidant. Isolation is evil. Our imaginations are so very powerful.  When we are isolated and feel there is no one to turn to, we begin to imagine and have wrong thinking about ourselves – “I’m not good enough,” “No one understands me or wants to be in my life,” “I’ll never be happy.”

May I please be the one to tell you…Those are absolute lies and you don’t have to believe them another day!  I truly believe there comes a point in time during everyone’s life where we find ourselves in need of support, guidance, caring, advice and just good old fashioned friendship. May I have the honor of being that person in your life?

For over 20 years, my passion, my call and my God given purpose has been serving the broken hearted, the confused, the lost and those that feel completely alone in this world. The love of God heals hearts.  I’m living proof of that.  It’s an unconditional love.

I’d love to help you on a journey to see the beauty that is YOU and tap into your God given potential. To see the change manifest you so desperately desire in your life.  You CAN do it, that is a promise.  Sometimes all it takes is someone in our life that hears every word, listens to what’s said (and most importantly what’s really being said behind it all), and walk along life’s path with you, weathering every storm that comes your way.  You do have the strength.  You do have the ability. With Christ, all things are possible.  (Matthew 19:26)

My road in life has been a rough one.  God has taken me through pain and gut wrenching disappointments. There aren’t too many challenges I’m unfamiliar with, in all honesty. From near-death health, to finances, to toxic relationships, being in jobs that were anything but a fit, loss of a pet that in my heart was my daughter, and endless more.

That’s exactly why I’m here on House Calls With Holly.  I want you to know that you’re not alone, nothing is too hard for God and you WILL make it through this in your own life.




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3 thoughts on ““Weathering The Storm…”

      1. It was my pleasure. I am grateful for you. I am so glad I’ve met you here. I can sense the goodness in your heart and soul. You are very kind.
        Lots of love and dazzling light. 💖

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